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COVID19 has been a constant thorn in my side. What about yours?

Due to the pandemic, I’ve suffered enough losses to be forced to close all my offline businesses. While I’m sure that many of you face the same issues, have you done anything to improve your situations? If you’re wondering how to get back into the game, connect with us to find out more!

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#1 Health and Fitness

Keeping healthy is vital to decrease our chances of getting infected, especially for those over the age of 45. Remember, you don’t live alone, and if you get infected, so will your loved ones. By that point, the hospital bills won’t be looking too pretty either, so read on to find out how you can further improve your health!

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#2 Digital Marketing

Regardless of profession, it’s probably safe to say that the pandemic has greatly altered what determines the success of our career advancement plans. After all, not only has the way we work changed, but so has the way our performance is evaluated (which affects how long it takes for us to advance in our careers). It certainly doesn’t help that some of us are also getting salary cuts! With that said, click the link below to find out more about digital marketing.

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#3 Entrepreneurship

For the youngsters out there who have spent your first 20 years learning, your 30’s should rightly be when you’re at your peak performance. However, if you’re already at that age and still haven’t gotten anywhere, perhaps this pandemic is a sign for you to start exploring other career options. Read on to see what entrepreneurship has to offer!

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Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness is an industry that earned 3.65 trillion dollars in 2019 alone. With that said, joining this industry through product distribution businesses (e.g., the pharmaceutical industry) could be your prime opportunity to make a six-figure income!

Ever since the pandemic began, people have been flocking to start online businesses. However, the products they sell (on platforms Lazada, Amazon, etc.) are mostly just electronics, clothes, and accessories. In other words, resold products that can easily be found in regular retail shops. Now, what if we told you that you could do something different?

If you wish to find out how to start your own distribution channel and sell relevant Health & Fitness products, just click the link below! Topic covered will include: 

  • How to test whether a health & fitness product really works.

  • How to find out whether a health & fitness product is safe and natural to use.

  • How to obtain health & fitness products for free (after becoming a successful product user and influencer) and how to turn those products into a six-figure income business.

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    Starting an online Digital Marketing Distribution Business for extra income

    Trivia time. Did you know that 7-11 stores generate about $6,238,000 profits per day, solely from cup noodle sales? Read on to learn how to:

  • Use the 7-11 distribution model for your online business.

  • Leverage digital marketing platforms to build a distribution business.

  • Build your digital funnels without coding or designing knowledge.

  • Your Network

    Does your social network represent your net worth?

    Personal branding through social media helps people build social networks online. So have you been keeping an eye on your social network? Who are you to your followers? Are you a progressive social influencer who is able to leverage your social network to accurately represent your assets? If we have piqued your interest, check out our TEDMNC Entrepreneurship Program to learn more about influence and build your influencer skills!!


    My Story

    Hello and welcome to my webpage where I share my experiences as an entrepreneur, coach, trainer, consultant and manager. My passion is to help people not only to grow but excel in the field of entrepreneurship.

    COVID-19 has changed the world. Countless numbers of people are struggling right now in many ways, especially financially! But it's been wonderful to give them hope back. By showing them how to build a Digital Marketing Distribution Business, this can be their ticket to making money online.

    Click on the video below to learn more, from our Coach Marcus Maximus.

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    About June Dynn, Owner of Cocoes Bites and Sucree Creative Academy, Consultant, Coach & Trainer of Asentar Pte Ltd.

    Confident and goal-oriented entrepreneur, June Dynn has over 20 years of experience in direct sales and relationship marketing. She is a consultant, coach and a trainer. June had been trained by top gurus such as Marcus Maximus, Dylan Sun, Robert Kiyosaki & Lewis Rasmussen. 

    June started her career in the early 90’s as a receptionist in a public listed automation company. In less than a year of service, June was promoted to become the Customer Service Representative for the company due to her dedication to serving customers. June continued to serve the company for a good 10 years before she decided to step down from her fixed four-figure monthly income to take care of her children and ailing parents.

    June is married to her beloved husband, Nor Dynn Salleh, for 21 years now. As a dedicated wife and mother, she spends most of her time to take care of her children and family. At that time, June’s priority was her family which resulted to her neglecting her own life.

    June recalled a visit by her close friend one day, just before her birthday a few years ago. “I remembered I was wearing loose household attire to prepare lunch for my friend. When I came out of the kitchen, my friend took one look at me and said - "Girl, you need to change your life!” "My friend took me to the room, took out the bathroom scale and weigh me. I had gained 35 kilos! I realized that I had lost myself.”

    That friend’s visit was a turning point for June. "I realized that I have forgotten myself throughout the period of taking care of my family. Yes, family is my priority but before I could take care of them – I need to take care of myself first! My health and wellbeing has to be my top priority before I can take care of others.”

     “In hindsight, what mattered most to me was to change myself. I need to become someone new.”

     The observation and comments of June’s friend set in motion to a new vision for herself, She started to sign up for a weight loss and healthy eating program. The move was the beginning of a new world, a new reality, a new path to a new, healthy life.

     June was introduced to her true calling of the network marketing industry by a close friend. When she first laid hands on a brochure about health, beauty and wellness, June immediately sensed that this is what she wish to advocate.

     June discovered that she had found an avenue that will allow her to take care of her family at home and at the same time – make money! And the journey of the network marketing industry began for June with an exciting start.

     Over the years, June had made a real difference for herself, her family – and the people close to her. The people she met, the support she received and the income she gained added more energy for her to do more. June felt the good sense of success and achievement and for some reason – is driven to share her success journey with others.

     June is inspired to explore her capabilities beyond her networking circle. She aspires to make an impact to the life of others – in a larger scale. She wants to do something more, something different, something new!

     Asentar came to June in year 2019. Asentar had changed June’s perspective of live – not only economically but also holistically – as an entrepreneur and as an individual. June views Asentar as a product that offers opportunity for better health, better wellbeing and better income.

     Since Asentar, June’s life made another leap of change. She is encouraged with the feedbacks and comments she received from those who had experience Asentar – through her. She shared one incident from a friend who came to her with tears welled in the eyes saying, "June, thank you so much, you are making me younger and healthier again.” Such comments strengthen her purpose to bring Asentar forward.

     Now, June is leading a content and settling life because she followed her heart and brought her intelligence with her. June took up new skills and took action of her dreams. “I was successful because I took my own chance," she said.

    She loves to spend time with her family travelling and the financial freedom she now enjoys. She continues to be passionate about the health and well-being of people around her and enlarging her relationship building in the effort to improve everyone’s quality of life.

    June believes in being relevant and staying up-to-date as she progresses together with her two children aged 17 and 20.

    Her learning series in "How To Stop Worrying And Start Selling" by Dennis Wee, "Success Is A Journey” by Master Mohamad Hisham, Trainer and Motivational Speaker, "Business Building and Leadership Training" by Lewis Rasmussen, Vice President of Leadership Development at Melaleuca, "Lead Your Life Moment by Moment" by Koji Ikematsu, International Businessman, Philanthropist, Motivational Leader, boost June’s believes that she is capable of making a difference for humanity.

    Armed with seven diplomas, June is more than capable of facilitating workshops, seminars and coaching sessions that will support personal/professional growth of others through practical application.

    By working together on the world’s top Digital Funnel Building platform, June is capable of leading anyone to the right direction to attain the first six-figure online income via the Digital Marketing Distribution Business.

    Singapore . Malaysia . Indonesia

    Email: junedynn111.com


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